Buds and the Bees: Sexual Deception in Orchids

Sexual deception is probably the weirdest and most wonderful methods used by plants to attract pollinators. Many plants use deceit of some kind to get little critters to spread their pollen to another flower, whether that is one plant species mimicking the petal arrangement of another, or a flower smelling like rotten flesh to attract pollinating … Continue reading Buds and the Bees: Sexual Deception in Orchids


Ecological Explainer: Head Inflorescences

Flowers come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes a bunch of flowers grow so close together that they trick you into thinking they are one flower.  The Birds and Bees  So I probably don't need to tell you that a flower is the part on the plant that holds the reproductive organs. In their simplest … Continue reading Ecological Explainer: Head Inflorescences